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Well hello there and thank you for visiting my blog page!

About me? Well, what can I say, I love advertising and design. I am constantly pouring over the web for the latest ad trends and insights. I started my career in Ottawa, working for the National Research Council of Canada in the reprographics department where I had the great fortune of spending three years being mentored by the most knowledgeable prepress technicians of the day. Prepress always kinda came naturally to me. There is something about getting a design from the client and working out how to print it the best way possible. It is kind of like solving puzzles!

After Ottawa, I spent some time in Denver and Toronto working and managing prepress departments for small printers until I met the Brainstorm group. They took a leap of faith with me and asked me to join the team and thus my life in advertising begins!

I worked in Toronto within the advertising and design community for 8 years and met a lot of great people who taught me a lot about design, illustration and photo manipulation. I feel I have been pretty darned lucky with all the people I have met until now and all the opportunities I have been given to build myself a career and portfolio that I look back on with fond memories.

For the past couple of years, I have been living and freelancing in France and carving out my own little part of the bigger picture here in Europe and am always looking for new opportunities and new challenges. I am excited about the future and am amped to really dig my teeth into new and exciting things!


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