Graphic design

A strong background in design for a number of different kinds of clients from the arts to finance. A wide range of design styles in print and digital spaces.

Photo Retouching

Colour correction to photo manipulation. A strong history of image composition as well as product cropping and retouching.

Motion Graphics

Animation and video production for advertising and thought leadership. Creating videos from capturing a subject in person and remotely to final video. Designing and animating eye catching social media content.

UI design

Creating prototypes and art directing digital teams to develop a meaningful user journey through webspaces. Redesigning websites to update the design and user experience.

A professional still and motion graphics designer


  • RBC Global Asset Management

    As a Senior Manager, Motion Graphics, I am in charge of managing and directing video projects for advertising and thought leadership. I track marketing trends to make sure we are relevant in the financial advertising space. Large focus on brand awareness.

    • Animated advertising in After Effects and HTML5
    • Digital thought leadership
    • Film directing



  • RBC Global Asset Management

    As a Senior designer, I was responsible for creating and designing advertising campaigns and marketing materials for print and digital delivery.

    • Animated advertising in After Effects and HTML5
    • Pring advertising campaigns
    • Brand leadership



  • Freelance Design in Europe

    I established myself as a design firm and developed clients such as UNESCO, DxO, OptimalPrint, SelfArt and Milpix as an art director, designer, illustrator and print broker/production.

    • UI Design
    • Annual report/book design
    • Corporate rebrand art direction



  • "Nancy gets it! Smart, fast, and dedicated. She definitely has what it takes to add value to any organization."

    Ron Telpner - Chief Idea Officer Telpner Integrated - Founder + Chairman The BrainStorm Group

  • "Nancy is one of the most skilled designers I have ever worked with. She has been a major asset to my teams at both RBC and Endeavour."

    Natalie Serkin - CEO Collective IQ

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